Toll Free Number

A toll-free number is a special telephone that enables callers to reach a business or individual without being charged for the call. The toll-free subscriber pays for the incoming calls. I.

Toll-free numbers are particularly common for customer-service calling. Toll-free service has traditionally provided potential customers and others with a free and convenient way to contact businesses. Wireless callers, however, will be charged for the airtime minutes used during a toll-free call unless they have an “unlimited calling” plan.Customers can also send text messages to toll-free numbers, so long as those numbers are “text enabled,” and businesses can send texts in response.

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Features of TollFree Number

icon Change ring-to number in real-time

CloudDial allows you to route your Toll Free Number instantly to any number. Now you can answer the call on your cell phone, home phone or from a phone in another country.

icon Best Toll Free Numbers

Our Toll Free Numbers come packed with features at the best price. Our features include Virtual pbx, Auto attendant, Call hunt, multiple extensions and more.

icon Virtual Pbx

If Virtual PBX option is selected, you can greet your caller with a customized greetings. You can also prompt them to enter an extension and then route the calls to your employees. It has all the features of a fortune 500 phone system.

icon Route your 1800 Free Number Anywhere in the World

You can forward your calls from CloudDial’s Toll Free Number to any number in the world. Stay in-touch with your clients even when you are outside of the country!

icon Online Account Management

CloudDial gives you full access to your account. Manage your Toll free number account efficiently and at your own convenience.

icon Real Time Downloadable Call Detail

Obtain the phone number of everyone who calls you through the Toll Free Number. Better yet, download these sales leads into contact manager software.


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If you’re interested in a toll-free number, please keep the following facts in mind.


Let Your Customers Call You For FREE

Customers find it convenient and affordable to call you for free on a Toll-free number.We can help you procure a number and build your business phone service.


Customized Welcome Message

Customers who call on your Toll Free Number will hear a custom welcome message for your callers, enabling a big brand image among your customers.


Instant Call Logs

With the freedom to look at real time call logs, recordings & analytics, you can easily manage your ROI on communications.

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