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In a world, wherein you usually want to be available, an old phone machine now not cuts it. Flow to a cloud based totally telephony gadget with Cloud Dial to assist your corporation and clients stay linked within the workplace or on the circulate.

Cloud telephony provides high quality business grade voice and advanced call features available on a desk phone, PC softphone or your mobile device, making sure that you never miss that all important call.



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Inside the event of disruption to your broadband line, you could nonetheless receive all calls for your mobile telephone.

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Our other services

Customizable for all Industries


Automate communication, bring operations online and handle large volume of call inflow

Reach out to students and parents with important updates using our automated outbound solutions. Conduct surveys and collect important data with just a missed call, and bring your operations and student interaction online.

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Ensure customer privacy, send customized payment reminders and delivery updates

Reach out to your customers using our automated outbond calling solutions. Verify phone numbers with just a missed call and reduce CoD cancellations and operational costs with interactive IVR and hosted call center solutions.

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Improve customer support and ensure timely communication

Ensure 24x7 assistance for your patients with our hosted call center solutions and send important notifications and updates with automated outbound solutions. Save customers' time by coupling IVR with ASR allowing them to reach the concerned person in half the time, especially during emergencies.

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Mass Media

Analyze marketing RoI and increase lead inflow

Collect customer data for your marketing campaigns with missed call solutions and handle large call volume with Smart IVR. Reach out to your customers with important updates with our automated outbound solutions.

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Real Estate

Track and record calls, automate personalized outbound communication and manage a large volume of inbound queries

Allow your customers to make instant and free calls to agents with our virtual number and click to call services. Automate seasonal promotion using automated outbound solutions and conduct market research with missed call solutions.

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